What should to know when we buy laser toner?

The best way to help us save cost when we use the laser printer is that we find a good cheap toner cartridges with reasonable price or we purchase the laser toner and refill it by ourselves. What should to know when we buy the laser toner? There are a few options to be take into consideration. First of all, we must to know that the toner must be compatible with our printer or system. It is including the size, maker and especially printing quality. We can buy OEM laser toners that are depending on our needs, as we all know the OEM laser toners that can guarantee premium prints at higher capacities. Premium laser toners may be a bit expensive, however, they do offer high quality output even the toners also carry a manufacturer’s guarantee, it is very important if the print has some accident when we use them.

We will surely save on costs if we decide to buy a generic or somewhat compatible brand,. These toners should be designed to deliver the same quality as original toners, however, they are not original toners, so they may pose problems for certain restrictive systems when we use them. The problems are includes poor quality output, as well as issues with color or large-scale laser printing. Anyway, it simply depends on our budget and the type of printing we want to do. Such as V4ink as a toner cartridge online, they are offer different brand compatible toner cartridge for printer user. Each type toner cartridge can compatible different printer. Such as Hp cf226a, it is compatible for below printer type: LaserJet Pro M402dn, LaserJet Pro M402dw, LaserJet Pro M402n, LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn, LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw.
Another option is the remanufactured toner cartridges when buying laser toners. Like generic brands, they are designed to deliver or even surpass some OEM units. The difference is in their quality and maker. Remanufactured laser toners are usually higher in quality than certain generic brands. They also tend to range in price, the normal price between OEM and generic cartridges. The print quality is also between OEM and generic cartridge.

Where To Find The Best Deals On Discount Printer Toner

Finding the best deals on discount printer toner seems, at first glance, to be a simple matter of doing an Internet search on a key word phrase such as ‘best toner deals’, ‘discount printer toner’ or something along those lines, and then taking a look at some of the top sites listed. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that, especially when you face the reality that not all advertised ‘great toner deals’ are what they are said to be. Here are a few things to consider.

Thousands of websites advertise the best deals, the cheapest products, the best values, and so on. It does not take a genius to realize that all these sites cannot possibly offer the best or the cheapest. But, how does one know whom to trust and how to locate the actual best hp cf230x toner deals available? The trick is to let someone you know to be reliable do the legwork for you. A little savvy web surfing can accomplish this for you in a matter of minutes.

Start by typing the words ‘printer toner comparison’ into your preferred search engine and you will get a list of very helpful websites that can make your job much easier. Not only will you be introduced to sites that can explain the ‘true’ cost of discount printer HP CE278A, which includes a whole lot more than the retail price of a product, but you will find very useful comparisons as well.

Most of the highly respected consumer magazines specifically devoted to computer users maintain online websites and many of these have conducted extensive testing on computer printers and printer toners. One very informative site conducted a test by buying discount toner cartridges from forty seven different websites and testing each of these products on their own office equipment. They also sent some of the units back to the seller, as a means of testing the quality of the warranties, return policies and the level of customer service received. Of the forty seven, only eleven passed muster. Looking for toner deals from one of these eleven approved providers would be a shortcut to satisfying your printer toner supply needs.

This comparison site goes on to fully review each of its recommended printer toner sources, including prices charged by each for the same model of cartridge. The reporting seems unbiased and not influenced by any particular vendor, although this may not be the case with all so-called comparison sites. Remember, sticker price is not always the best indication of value. Some brands of cartridges may print twice as many copies as others. All of these factors should be considered when calculating actual cost.

How to Get the Best Out of Your HP Toners

When buying consumables, all consumers want is to get the best out of them and make sure that they will get their money’s worth. And if you own an HP laser printer then that’s basically the idea you’ll get when you buy hp toner cartridges. That’s why for this article, we’re going to share you some ways on how to get the best out of your HP CE505A Toner and squeeze more prints from each cartridge even after it has hinted that it is already low in toner.

First, let me teach you a basic hack more printer users do, and that’s by redistributing the HP CF510A. To get more from your HP toners, take the toner cartridge out of the printer and gently shake it from side to side then replace it back to your HP printer. This process will redistribute the toner powder in the cartridge, allowing you to print more.

Second, always take note of your drum cartridge. If your HP printer contains a separate drum, take note that drums are need to be replaced every now and then. Basically, the average install life of a imaging drum last for three toner cartridge replacement. Often, printer users make the mistake of replacing their toner cartridges when it is actually the imaging drum that is need to be replaced.

Third, remember to print only in black when you’re just printing drafts and unimportant documents. Or if you’re going to print a full-text document, make sure to select only your black HP toner cartridge in the setting since using the colored ones will likely result in mixing every color thus wasting them.

Lastly, remember to use the Eco-Mode printing setting. When printing drafts or not-so-important documents, you can always resort to changing your printer’s mode to “eco-mode”. This allow your printer to use minimal amount of toner in printing the document thus saving your HP toners for more important things.

Spending money for your HP toner cartridges isn’t a small thing and you should just be getting the best out of it. At V4ink, the HP toners and printer cartridges specialist, we offer an extensive line of high-quality compatible HP toners.

Do you know the difference between genuine original cartridge and domestic cartridge?

If you want to know the difference between the original 2612a toner cartridge and domestic 2612a toner cartridge, we have to know a story at first, in a foreign factory soap manufacturing pipeline, it is not every box automatically loaded with soap because of technology and other issues, so Foreign boss decided to come up with one million funds for the research and development to let the factory doctor to solve this problem, and ultimately, the doctor through infrared technology to detect the box is empty, and then pick up the empty box, however the same problem that happened in China, the Chinese boss gave the technician one day only to solve the problem. The Chinese solved the problem by using one powerful fan only in the end.

The difference for Domestic 2612a cartridge and the original 2612a cartridge that is sounds like above story, just use a different method to complete the same work, if you ask me which quality is good, I must say that the original good, however, if you asked me which print quality is good, I would say: It is exactly same by my naked eye to see. The original toner cartridge cost is higher than the domestic cartridge. When I understand the print quality is same that I choose the domestic cartridge without hesitation. And till now that I choose the V4INK toner cartridge and use the old model HP CE278A so many times. Cost is reduced and quality also be protected. That is my solution.

However, someone may want to know what are the specific differences for genuine original cartridge and domestic cartridge?
1. Toner cartridge mold accuracy: two pieces of original toner cartridge model can reach 100 percent after the seal, so tiny toner will not be exposed, and the domestic production environment with the price and other factors, it is so hard to reach this target, so the domestic people through a thin sponge placed in the middle of the two grinding tools to further seal less precise mold, and then to ensure that the toner will not be exposed when the cartridge in the work.
2 on both sides of the hp toner cartridges problems: on both sides of the magnetic roller, it has existence of space and the small toner will be exposed, the original cartridges were used two magnets on both sides and sucked the toner through the magnetic, it will ensure that the toner will not be exposed, while the domestic solution is still sponge.
3. The quality of the drum core: In order to ensure their own huge profits, The original cartridge can only use one cycle, even if you add the toner by yourself the printing will be very light, but Drum core is still good (it should be printed 3,4 cycle, where the resulting waste), while the drum cartridge made in China after printing a cycle can still be printed (print quality will very good within two cycles).

What kind of cartridge you will choose ?

As we all know there are three options to replace the toner cartridge for laser printer users, Print quality is certainly the first customer to consider the factors, no doubt, the original cartridge is clearly the best choice. Original toner cartridge due to the careful consideration in the design process and other parts of the printer integration, meticulous manufacturing process, it can create the ideal print results, much better than other compatible products. The heavy filling cartridges due to the manufacturing process by hand, print quality is mixed, difficult to be guaranteed.

General-purpose print cartridges in the print quality can be said to be able to meet the basic output requirements of the printer, but may be different in some special circumstances, such as printing 2 pounds of small words fuzzy. The printing process seems always simple, connect the printer, send a command can be completed. It is in every detail of the print efforts, so that users only need to go through this simple operation can get the ideal print results. Regular users of printers will be well aware of the original print cartridge with a clear edge of the text printed on the printer, black uniform, lifelike pictures, but the effect of substitution when using other products is far worse. This is because engineers in order to achieve the best printing results in the laboratory conducted a lot of tests and improvements, even the slightest defect will be divided and then fast. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of print users will not hesitate to choose the original cartridge.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the original cf217a toner cartridge. Universal cartridge are also brand-name products are also guaranteed product quality, although the price slightly lower than the original cartridge, but the number of sheets printed to less than the original cartridge, so the overall cost of printing and the original cartridge is about the same. As for the refilled cartridge although its price is very attractive, but because it prints the number is too small or even less than half of the original cartridge, so the overall cost of printing by no less than the original cartridge and general cartridge.

Do you know how to save the toner cartridge cost?

Comparing with laser printer, Color laser printers cost is higher than laser printers. Print a A4 format border less photos, the total cost is CNY 10. And a lower price of a set of ink also need CNY 100 to 200, while the good quality ink need about CNY 400 to 500, so how to better save ink that is a prerequisite to make better use of color laser printer is a prerequisite . Today, let us talk about how to save the toner cartridge cost.

1.Focus on printing
The working principle of ink-jet printers and laser printers is different. When they are started, the printer will automatically clean the print head and initializes the printer once, and charges the ink delivery system. As a result, a large amount of ink is wasted, hence, It is best way to save ink is not to let it start frequently. Therefore, when a certain amount of print jobs have been accumulated, we can print all documents at once that is an ink saving method we can do.

2.Using the economic model
Expensive supplies expenditures are the main reason to hindered laser printers into the homes of ordinary people. Hence, the new laser printers have increased the “Economic Print Mode” feature and it can save almost half of the ink by using this mode, and it can significantly improve print speed. However, the print speed is very fast by this mode, however the print quality is not satisfactory, so it is recommended that you choose the best mode when printing drafts.

3. Reduce the number of cleaning the print head
Most laser printers will automatically clean the print head when it is turned on, and it have buttons to clean the print heads, as well as quick cleaning, regular cleaning, and thorough cleaning of the third gear. Under normal circumstances that we can choose the complete a quick cleaning is the best, because we know that if we choose more thoroughly washed and we will waste more ink. I had tested a color laser printer and after trying to complete a full cleaning head operation, I found that was consumed about 1/10 of the ink

4. Find a good brand toner cartridge supplier with nice price.
Toner cartridge as a heart of printer, it is consumable, the cost of toner cartridge is sky high, sometimes it will over the cost of printer. So the best way to save the cost of toner cartridge is that to find a good supplier with nice price& good quality. Such as if you use the HP printer and the toner cartridge model is hp cf217a, you can choose hp cf217a to replace the original and the quality is good, price is competitive.

The maintenance methods of toner cartridge

1, regular cleaning: cartridge usually after use for some time will be more or less contaminated, the output of the text, the image will be blurred, the end of gray and glyph increased glyph length, so we should regularly clean . Before cleaning, carefully remove the components of the toner cartridge and then wipe the dust particles on the drum surface with absorbent cotton or advanced photographic lens paper, but be careful not to scratch it too much. Then the same with absorbent cotton or advanced photographic lens paper, dipped in the drum cleaner for cleaning the surface of the special cleaning agent, wiping should be taken along the direction of a spiral circle gently wipe the method, immediately after polishing with absorbent cotton cleaner Wipe clean. Finally, with a piece of talc loaded gauze on the surface of the drum gently pat a layer of talcum powder, you can put back to use, the entire cleaning process is completed.

2, timely removal of waste powder: powder after a period of time with the powder, waste toner collection warehouse waste will continue to accumulate, which will affect the print output, will result in serious leakage phenomenon. (The so-called leakage is due to over-accumulation of waste toner so that the waste toner produced again can not enter the waste toner container, and the waste toner in the waste toner container will be continuously “squeezed” out. The occurrence of the phenomenon will directly lead to the output of the manuscript irregular black spots, black, if you do not continue to use the waste toner to purify it, the more waste toner piled up, and the friction pressure on the drum is getting more and more tight , Will eventually wear the photosensitive drum coating on the surface of the drum, thus damaging the entire drum. Clear method is very simple, as long as the collection warehouse open, use a cotton swab or tissue to remove the waste powder directly to remove clean.

3, do not let the hp cf230a overload work: the workload of any thing has a limit, the cartridge is a silicone light conductor, there is also the problem of work fatigue. If the continuous use for a long time, then slightly affect the print output, heavy strike was announced, therefore, the user should remember to give the cartridge a rest period. In general, if it is a continuous output of a large amount of work, it is recommended to take a break in 8-12 hours, and if used for many years, it is best to use a period of time to idle for a week or longer before use. But this will certainly have an impact on the user’s work, so I suggest that you buy more than two cartridges swap, so you can avoid the drum cartridge fatigue will not affect the work.